Best LED Light for Gel Nails Reviews

LED Light for the Gel Nails: How Does it Work?

As a beauty salon customer, you probably know that gel nail polish needs to be cured under a UV light for at least 2 minutes on average. And this makes the procedure very time to consume and somewhat annoying as you have to wait for each layer to harden. But what if there is a way to make the process much faster and cure the gel polish in a few seconds? Read on how LED can substitute UV light for your gel nails in all the beauty salons around the world soon.

But it is not all about the time efficiency and comfort. LED light for the gel nails is, first of all, a healthy alternative to the UV lamp. Over the last few decades, the skin cancer has been more widespread than all the other cancer types combined. With the soak off gel polishes getting more and more prevalent and popular people started to wonder just how dangerous the UV lamp can be. More and more beauty salon customers start wondering if they are at a higher risk for using the UV light to cure their nails every few weeks. But fear not, the LED light for the gel nails can solve that issue for good. Read on to find out why more and more nail technicians abandon the obsolete UV technology.

Why LED is Better for the Gel Nails

So how does this new technology work? First of all, it is important to understand that LED lights are within the UV spectrum meaning that their light has the same properties. We also commonly know the UV lamps as fluorescent lamps after the vague shining they emit in the darkness. So an LED light is UV lamp with a limited UV-A spectrum.

LED can cure the nail in 5 to 45 seconds not affecting the durability of the coverage. This technology is so much healthier as before the beauty salon customer had to keep the hand in the bad direct UV light for about 2 minutes.

Another issue is the UV bulbs. Many salons do not bother changing them or just do not know that they need to do it, so the curing time lasts longer. The LED lamps do not need to be changed. This also makes the technology more economically viable and the LED light more efficient for the gel nails.

UV vs. LED Lamps

So far you can find the LED lights in the upscale salons only, do not be shy to talk to you own nail technician about it as well. Some salon workers have not heard of the LED yet. Such a lamp is still quite costly although as the technology gets more widespread the price will eventually go down. Another thing to consider is that LED technology is more energy efficient consuming much less than a traditional UV lamp. We can also expect that the manicure with LED light for the gel nails will be somewhat pricey, but over time the procedure will get more affordable.

UV LED vs. UV CFL Comparison

The Type of Lamp

Light Emittance

Type of Bulb

Power Usage


Bulb Life

Gel Curing Strength



LED lamp

Emit a narrower range of UV light wavelength, but at a higher concentration and energy than UV CFLs.

Light emitting diodes (LEDs).


Less power than UV CFLs, about 12-V DC.


Lighter in weight than UV CFLs.


Up to 50,000 hours (Bulbs are not replaced).


Work very well with the new gel polishes, but may have difficulty curing some clear gels. Cures gels faster than UV CFLs.


Currently more expensive than UV CFLs, but the price has been consistently dropping.


UV Lamp

Emit a slightly broader range of UV light wavelength, but at a lower concentration and energy than UV LEDs.


Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs).


Require more power, about 110V AC.


Heavier in weight than LEDs.


About 10,000 hours of functional use (Bulbs are replaced every two to four months depending on amount of use).


Take longer to cure gels, but are more effective at thoroughly curing most clear gels.


Cheaper than LEDs.


However the polishes need to be formulated specifically for the LED lamp, as UV light can cure them all the LED light can only heal the brands created for this technology. But with the more and more salons using the LED lights for gel nails more and more brands will be changing the gel formula to match the new trend. So yes we can expect that the UV lamps will be gone in a few years pressured out of the marked by the LED technology. But we will never forget the fingerless gloves used to protect the skin from the UV rays.

Also, remember that it is better to invest into a better upscale 60-watt lamp as small 6-watt bulbs in the starter kits cure nails longer. But the price is well worth it as you will be saving the curing time and create a good reputation for your brand among the happy and grateful customers. Remember to come back to us for more ideas and recommendations, leave a comment if you liked the article. We appreciate every reader.

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