Best LED Gel Lamps Reviews

Best LED Lamps for Gel Nails

If you do an artificial manicure, it is more likely that you will need a led gel lamp. There are evident advantages of using this kind of equipment. First, such lamps are not unhandy, very easy; its operating occurs without being noticed by people. They are not heated from their outside as against other lamps, and so they don`t heat the working area. At the same time, they get fixed for a short period.

Are there any disadvantages in the led lamp for gel nails? Indeed, there are two of them:

  • The equipment is rather expensive compared to others. You can buy more modern and better-developed one of another type for the same money.
  • Choosing the right materials is necessary. Some of them don`t get fixed properly, or they do, but for a long time.

LED Lamps for Nails Comparison

LED Lamp




Rating (Out of 5)

OPI Led Lamp False Nails

OPI Led Light


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5.1 pounds

  • Full five-finger curing;
  • Hand sensor activated;
  • Spacious, comfortable interior.


Spaire NT-S1 LED Nail Dryer

Spaire NT-S1 LED Nail Dryer

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3 pounds

  • Pls, pull out of the baseboard when you dry toenail.


MelodySusie® 48W LED Nail Dryer

MelodySusie® 48W LED Nail Dryer

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3.9 pounds

  • Equal curing effect to OPI and CND led nail dryer;
  • No need to replace the lamps;
  • Highly efficient LED light with a life span of 5000 hours.


Gelish LED Light Bulbs

Gelish LED Light Bulbs

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3.8 pounds

  • Large opening allows you to dry both hands simultaneously;
  • Ideal product for both home use and professional salon;
  • Fast drying time.


The Organization of the Best LED Lamp for Nails

The equipment has such title because of light-emitting diodes, which are settled in it as a source of light. A particular voltage is applied to them and, consequently, UV rays are emitted. It is evident that the best gel lamp lasts for a long time due to the light emitting diodes in it. They can operate even more than fifty thousands of hours. That is about five years of uninterrupted emitting.

At the same time the amount of energy, they absorb, is much less than that other lamps do. Therefore, one of the main advantages is realized, that is the minimal heat of the operating area.

Besides, the best gel nail lamps are very easy and small due to the size of the very light emitting diodes. This fact is important more than ever in the case if you use not a single place for the work, and there is a necessity to travel with it where you want.

It is due to this reason a stability of the equipment is determined. You will hardly manage to crash it, of course, if you don`t do it on purpose. A usual blow about the ground won`t lead to any negative results.

It is recommended to use the equipment of the approved manufacturers because the best of the led lamps for nails are famous for the minimum negative influence on the organism. During the year you will get the amount of radiation that is equal to that you would get during not a long walk in the park in good weather.

How Does the Gel Get Fixed in a LED Lamp?

Even the best-led lamp for nails can`t ensure a moment gel setting in it. Everything depends on the kind of nail polish you use. So, polymeric material, contained in the gel, reacts on the waves of the individual length. Therefore, it is necessary to wait for the appropriate ones.

The band of UV wavelength is broad, so the light they emit is intensive. As a result, the gel cures faster. Even the best-led lamps for gel nails emit intense light in a narrow band; consequently, the time for curing gets longer.

For the quicker polymerization of the gel, it is essential to use lamps with the bigger power. That is because UV rays have to get all layers of the gel, besides the upper ones absorb them. So, in the case of lower lowers don`t get enough ultraviolet light, the nails will be brittle and short-life. Consequently, the best-led gel lamp is the equipment, though easy and compact, but powerful enough.

There is one more critical moment, which is often missed by starting masters. To make an operation quicker it is necessary to look for an essential mark on the gel, you get. There will certainly be a notice “led” on the one you need.

Thus, such a led gel lamp reviews which tell about features with the help of which you can decide whether you need this kind of light or not. So, if the meaning of cost is not the most important for you, and you don`t mind to choose the right materials for the operation to watch for its behavior, you can buy the led lamp for gel nails, because it is worth it.

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