Best UV Nail Lamps Reviews

Best UV Lamps for Nails

The nail extension is one of the most complicated and costly procedure, which can be offered by a master of the manicure. Usually, this service is time-consuming; moreover, it requires the use of large amounts of materials and the presence of certain equipment. For example, it is the lamps for nails. However, it may be beneficial not only if you are a manicure master, but in a case, if you choose to get your dream manicure at home. In every case, the perfect choice for you – UV lamp for nails.

The type of equipment that can be used without problems at home and in the salon is modern. Fortunately, you can purchase the right equipment in any specialty store. Typically, the power of such devices varies from 9 to 36 Watts. Furthermore, the ultraviolet lamp for nails can be different sizes. It can be a very compact device, or something a quite massive. All these effects on the price of the lamp.

To the point, the purchase of the equipment will depend on a sort of a professional using. Obviously, the best UV lamp for nails – is the one that produced by a certified manufacturer. But if you have a desire to employ the device at home for private purposes – the pay not worth it. You will be quite enough with a very simple lamp on one arm without a timer.

As you may have guessed, the best UV lamps for nails allow to dry two hands simultaneously, and they have a fan and a timer. It also has a very convenient option – a touch display that responds to the appearance of hands under it. You’ve probably seen this equipment if you ever made a manicure in a large salon.

UV Lamps and UV & LED 2 in 1 Lamps for Nails Comparison

UV Lamp




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66W Double Wide Nail Gel Polish UV Lamp

66W Double Wide Nail Gel Polish UV Lamp

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4.8 pounds

  • High brightness, high efficiency, low power consumption;
  • Powerful 66 watts UV large size lamp;
  • The various timer can be chosen.


Roleadro 48w UV Nail Dryer

Roleadro 48w UV Nail Dryer

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2.7 pounds

  • This nail lamp is CCFL and LED mixed;
  • Removable base, so that cure toe is also available.
  • Auto timer control;
  • Auto-sensing;
  • Slideable cover.


MelodySusie® Pro60W Nail Dryer Mixed LED&UV Lamp

MelodySusie® Pro60W Nail Dryer Mixed LED&UV Lamp

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4.8 pounds

  • 4 pre-set auto timers 15s 30s 45s 60s;
  • 32pcs patented smart bulbs allow for quicker and more professional curing;
  • “T” zone electronic sensor design.


Salon Sundry Professional 36 Watt UV Lamp for Nails

Professional 36 Watt UV Beauty Salon Nail Dryer

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2.6 pounds

  • Includes four long-life CFL UV bulbs for total 36-watt drying power;
  • Each lamp measures 5 in;
  • Produces UVA light;
  • Large drying area: 6 in. X 6 in. X 2-1/8 in.;
  • Overall dimensions: 8-3/4 in. X 9-3/4 in. X 4 in.


Why Do You Use UV-lamps for Gel Nails?

We have said that the best UV lamps for gel nails used for nail extension. However, the equipment is utilized for a manicure with a gel- varnish. After all, shellac, as we know, does not dry itself. After the application, it must be dried in a particular lamp.

As for how to employ the UV lamps for gel nails, the mechanism is quite simple: a gel layer lies, a polymer of each layer responds to radiation. Waves that are stood by the lamp should reach the lowermost layer for that it froze.

The intensity of luminescence of such type of equipment is much more than the famous led-lamps have. This is of the longer wavelength than the LEDs emit. Naturally, this has consequences. For example, for health is more useful the Led equipment, but it is suitable not to all gels. And the best UV lamps for nails fit when using any materials; moreover, freezing is much faster as a result – do not bother about the variety of manicure, nails will be worn for a long time, not break and keep the original look.

What Should You Concede When You Purchase a UV Lamp for Gel Nails Extension?

When you acquire the device for yourselves, the best UV lamp for gel nails – it is not necessarily the one that has the largest capacity. As a rule, you will need only 4-6 Watts. But for the salon using, it is recommended a higher rate – about 9 Watts. This is under the facts that in the salons often use a special gel. Also, you should remember that even the best UV lamp nail has contraindications.

So please refrain from the use of such equipment, if:

  • You are taking antibiotics.
  • You are pregnant.
  • You have diabetes.
  • You will have allergies.
  • If your kidneys or liver are hurting.

If you are a master, the same recommendation should be given to your customers.

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