Salon Sundry Professional 36 Watt UV Lamp for Nails Review

Pros of this model:

  • Power. The device is quite powerful.
  • Homogeneous distribution of light.
  • Timer. Doubtless, this function is significant.
  • Retractable lower part.
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Salon Sundry Professional 36 Watt UV Lamp for Nails

This device guarantees a great outcome on your nails. Its use gives a significant number of benefits over the conventional drying of a pedicure.

The ultraviolet lamp Salon Professional SP-1734 will allow you to dry a gel nail polish on your nails for a few seconds. It is characterized by high reliability. The UV lamp Salon Professional is made of the most modern materials and will serve you more than one year.

Pros of this model:

  1. Power. The device is quite powerful: 4 lamps each 9 watts totally provide 36 watts. This is enough that the gel coating to dry as quickly as possible.
  2. Homogeneous distribution of light. The location of separately standing lamps is that during the drying the division of light occurs evenly, and therefore, the coating will be dried from all sides: from the parties, in the middle and from the side of a nail.
  3. Timer. Doubtless, this function is significant. Commonly, it’s enough to set the timer for 2 minutes, as the most of the nail polish techniques assume to withstand each layer in the ultraviolet just this time. This timer has an infinite position. It should be used during some drawing on nails, and you do not need a complete drying of a gel, but only to grab it to continue to carry out the design.
  4. Retractable lower part. It is another utility function that you will certainly come in handy.

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Salon Sundry





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